Missing The Show


It’s around this time of year, with the recent return of “Game of Thrones,” and new episodes of everything from “Mad Men” to “Bob’s Burgers” available on Netflix, that I’m glad to live in this so-called golden age of television.

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Character Counts: an Honest Interview about Character in the NFL with George MacGregor

2007 NFL Draft

George MacGregor started with the NFL in 1968 as a human-resources temp, and has worked his way up to fan strategy & marketing intern and personal assistant to the scouts. Between making pots of coffee, taking scouts to pick up their dry cleaning, and keeping the supply room stocked with sticky pads and pens, George has a unique window into the inner workings of the NFL. I was seated next to George on a flight to Des Moines (he was on his way to move his sister into an assisted-living home). After we compared notes on the steakhouse scene in Davenport, we talked about character in the NFL.

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Slow it Down, Son: Baseball’s Pitch Clock

AZ Fall League: Surprise Saguaros at Salt River Rafters
Baseball is a slow game. The pace of the game is singlehandedly responsible for the sunflower-seed industry’s continued existence, and it’s a game in which announcers talk about a guy getting hit with a piece of pizza for a few minutes and no one complains, because that’s far more interesting than what’s going on with the players. The hurry-up-and-wait feel of the game has built a sense of patience in young boys and girls for generations. And no part of baseball is more sacred than the time between pitches.

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Crooked Scoreboard Gives Back

When the Crooked Scoreboard founders were meeting at our opulent headquarters last weekend, we were confronted with a conundrum:

What do we do with this mountain of ad revenue that the guy dropped off in a dump truck earlier?

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One-and-Done Fun


For a brief moment during last night’s NCAA Championship, it appeared that one-and-dones would be defeated once again. Earlier in the week, ever since John Calipari failed to win a title with a roster of players all born after the release of “All I Wanna Do” by Sheryl Crow, some ridiculous headlines were floating around, hailing the end of the one-and-done era of college basketball, and saying that players will decide to stay in school longer to win a title.

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Ways to Increase Female Viewership of the NFL Draft

Lookin’ Good on Draft Night:
Fashion tips and a human-interest story on the tailor behind all of the good looks. One of the networks actually did this last year, and analysis suggests that at least 5 million of the current 45 million female NFL fans are on board solely because of this particular segment.

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Under Further Review: Out of the Park Baseball 16

I don’t ever play video games, really. I haven’t consistently played a console game since I had a Playstation 2. I don’t see the appeal of most games, and that might have to do with my conception of gamers themselves. I use Reddit as much as the next guy, and any time video games come up, the people who comment come off almost exclusively as people I wouldn’t get along with. They ascribe an overblown importance to their gaming hobby, for reasons I can’t ascertain.

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Tom Izzo’s PTI Interview: Expectations Versus Reality

Michigan State basketball coach Tom Izzo was interviewed by the hosts of “Pardon the Interruption” on Monday, March 30. What he said about his team’s Final Four berth was refreshingly honest, compared to what you might expect from the typical college coach.

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8000-year-old Papyrus Scroll Accurately Predicts Every Sporting Event Since Dawn of Civilization

scrollArchaeologists in Egypt have uncovered an ancient piece of papyrus that appears to correctly predict the result of every major sporting event through the year 9999. Previously thought to be only a myth, this “Sports Oracle” has accurately predicted millions of athletic outcomes, from Sparta’s six gold medals in the 436 BC Olympic Games, to the Chicago Cubs’ defeat later this year in the 27th inning of Game 7 in the 2015 World Series.

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The Cult of The Sandlot


There are a few popular cultural opinions of my generation that I proudly stand against, high on my mighty, crooked tower of self-righteousness. One in particular speaks to my background in theater: while I think Meryl Streep is a very talented actress who deserves critical acclaim, I’m sick of people treating her like a sort of cinematic demigoddess, like she’s the greatest thing to ever happen to movies, ever.

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