Under Further Review: Tiger Hood

p1110474I was amused at the prospect of reviewing Tiger Hood, a documentary that clocks in at a grand total of seven minutes. However, I’m happy to say that this unique, quirky project offers plenty to think about and reflect on. It’s been a long time (maybe never) since I’ve seen a film that is this short, yet also feels complete. Hell, I never thought a sports film would remind me of literary character Don Quixote.

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Fan Of The Week, June 29 – July 5: Aubriaunna Thomas


Aubriaunna Thomas, 23
Location: Atlanta, GA
Occupation: Dancer

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Roger Goodell Suspends Kicker, Because Why Not?

An NFL spokesperson announced today that Commissioner Roger Goodell has suspended rookie kicker Dan Smith of BYU for the entirety of the 2015 season. When asked about the reason for the suspension, Goodell cackled and gently stroked his Persian cat.

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A Conversation On Gun Safety with Thomas Brady


In the wake of last week’s tragic mass shooting in Charleston, SC, we feel it is not an appropriate time to cover the comparatively trivial goings-on of the sports world. In the first installment of a seven-part series on violence, race, and class in America, we will delve into the topic of gun use and legislation. Joining us to add what will surely be an illuminating perspective is gun-control advocate and inspiration for the famed Brady Bill, Thomas Brady.

CSB: Mr. Thomas Brady, our sincerest thanks to you for lending your voice to this conversation. It is an honor and a privilege to be seated across from such a luminary of public policy.

TB: Guys, you’ve got it wrong. I have nothing to do with the Brady Bill. I am Tom Brady, quarterback of the New England Patriots.

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Fan Of The Week, June 22-28: Jim Knight

2015-06-21 16_Fotor

Jim Knight
Location: Raleigh, NC
Occupation: Tour Bus Driver

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Thou Shalt Not Start Falsely: The Gospel of the NFL


Belichick 12:4-7 “And, lo!, though he gazethed upon the enemy, he could not see their signals, and he knew not their meaning. So he gave orders to his men, saying, ‘Hark! We will not be victorious unless we know our enemy’s plans. Go ye therefore and observe their signals.’ Thus spoke Belichick and it was done.”

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Women’s College Basketball Has Been Drawn and Quartered


Last week, the NCAA decided to move women’s basketball off the two-half system and on to the quarter system. When the news came out, most of the women’s college basketball world let out a collective ”okay?” The move to quarters will likely have very little impact on the way the game is played. But the news got me thinking very metaphysically about sports and the way we play them.

Why did they play halves before? Why will they play quarters now? Why don’t they just play until one team reaches 80 points and then stop? Why can one side call a timeout without the other team agreeing to it? Why can’t the crowd use a smartphone-based polling system to stop play when they all need to grab a hot dog?

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Will Felix Hernandez Win 300 Games? An Investigation

Felix-Hernandez-Seattle-Mariners-The old cliche says that records are made to be broken, but certain Major League Baseball records inspire an awful lot of pessimism among the most ravenous consumers of baseball statistics. No starting pitcher has achieved 300 career wins since Randy Johnson did so in 2009, and the prevailing wisdom seems to be that it won’t happen again for a long time, barring some unforeseen shift in the way baseball is played. Increased bullpen usage, larger pitching rotations, and greater mindfulness toward injuries will prevent pitchers from logging the innings needed to notch 300 wins, they say.

Nevertheless, a handful of active pitchers aren’t out of the 300-game running. The Dodgers’ Clayton Kershaw and San Francisco’s Madison Bumgarner have hoarded a fair number of wins in their young careers, but they haven’t even made it to the 100-win threshold yet. At age 29, Seattle’s Felix Hernandez has won 125 games (excluding the 2015 season – more on that later) and has the best chance of any active pitcher to make up the difference during the rest of his career.

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Fan Of The Week, June 15-21: Brian Craig

Our competitors often publish interviews with famous sports figures, but we realize that you, the fans, have just as many sports memories and opinions to share. In this new feature, we’ll bring you the perspective of an everyday fan—maybe a friend, a random passerby, or a reader nominee.

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Introducing The New Sport Of Dog Parking


Even dogs need to keep in mind that life is a competition. The new sport of dog parking adds a sporting element to something that most dogs just consider fun. Well, fun is for losers, so here are some ways your dog can get and maintain a competitive edge at the dog park:

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